Parakeet Knows Its Home Address

A lost parakeet flew into a hotel in Sagamihara, Japan, on Sunday and landed on a guest's shoulder. Since no one knew where the bird came from, it was taken in a cage to a local police station. For two days it sat there. Then Tuesday night, the parakeet must have decided it was time to go home.
Despite giving no indications that it could talk, the bird suddenly piped up late on Tuesday night and began repeating its home address – which its owner had apparently drummed into the bird for just such an unlikely eventuality.

Specifying the address down to the number of the house and the block on which is stands, the bird enabled police to track down its 64-year-old owner.

Fumie Takahashi is glad to have her parakeet back. And that answers the question of what is the first thing you should teach your bird to say. Link -via Arbroath

(Image credit: Kyodo)

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Why do I remember reading this EXACT same story several months ago? Could this have happened again? Is it the same story being reported again for some reason?
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"Specifying the address down to the number of the house and the block on which is stands..."

Odd wording, since that's how addresses work in Japan. Without those two things, the bird doesn't know its address, and this is not a story.
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Dang it, J Cubed! Never let logic get in the way of Neat!

Still, it makes me wonder what kind of things my bird might say... the things I say the most around the house. I babysat a toddler for a week, and by Friday, he starting saying "Cheeseballs!" to express frustration.
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