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It's kind of like when Picard setup the Tachyon detection grid to detect Romulan Warbirds entering Klingon space in "Redemption Part:2).

How it should have gone down:
Subcommander Sela: How are we ever going to be able to make it through the detection grid?
Moderately Intelligent Romulan Officer: Um...we're in about we fly over it.
Subcommander Sela: BRILLIANT! Someone give that man a Romulan Ale, on me!

Also all the maps of the neutral zone are two dimensional.
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This would not end well in my house. I don't know about British law but what if while "breaking in" the observed some type of illegal activity that would normally require a warrant to find or is this a convient way to perform illegal searches?
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Once the power strip is "energized" you never the whole thing in frame. Their is a coil of wires on one side which could be an illusion to make you think that it's plugged into itself but the edge of the cable is out of frame so you can't tell. The camera switches angles and the other side of the strip is now out of frame.
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I was a waiter for a couple of years and ran into these kind of people occasionally. It was a good job, I had a good time, made lots of friends, made decent money and it gave me a lot of practical experience in dealing with people, managing time and effort and working for an honest buck.

The really bad thing is this server most likely PAID for him to be served. Most restaurants require servers to tip out (in my case it was 3%) so with a 1% tip it cost her money to serve him.
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Seniors absolutely should get discounts. They've worked all their life and many are on a fixed income and the least we can do to show our appreciation for their work and achievements are some discounts.
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The Soviets attempt was underfunded and over-complicated.

For example the article fails to mention one key aspect as in this section:

"After spending about 24 hours on the surface of the Moon, the cosmonaut would climb back into the LK, launch back into lunar orbit, and dock with the LOK. Once the cosmonaut was safety back aboard the LOK, the LK would be jettisoned, and the LOK would fire its rocket, putting the craft on a return course to Earth. "
There was no direct tunnel between the two crafts as there was in the Apollo version. The exhausted cosmonaut who had just returned from the moon would have to spacewalk carrying a sackful of moon rocks from the LK back to the LOK.
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