Walking Across The Wal-Mart Parking Lot When....WTF?!

Either the owner of this car is in a competition to see who can eat the most McDonald's, they're trying to build a passenger out of used fast food wrappers so they can drive in the carpool lane, or they're starring in a new reality show called Car Hoarders. Whatever the case, this person obviously knows how to live the high life!

I bet there's a Burger King party happening in the back seat, and the two are kept separate so another Burger War doesn't take place between the Brits and the good ol' U.S. of A. Go Team Ronald!


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Staged? Odd, I find this totally plausible. I've seen this kind of thing before involving all sorts of stuff. A guy who did a ton of driving (lived 2 hours from work) had what I used to refer to as his own personal compost heap in the back seat and floor. Another guy whose car I would never want to enter had at least a half inch depth of cigarette ash on any surface that was carpeted. And, an obese upstairs neighbor (argh) had a huge station wagon that was filled stem to stern, right up to the windows and along the dashboard, with boxes and wrappers from almost every Hostess product you can imagine.
The reason the driver's seat is so "clean" is that's where the owner sits, the actual driving region of the nest. Can't have a stray soda cup rolling under the pedals, can we?
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But that's where the problem lies. Messes on that scale are not likely to be contained to just one section of the car.

Indeed, it has an air of plausibility, but the appearance of being staged.
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Totally plausible. I had a coworker like this. The drivers seat was clean. The rest of the vehicle had food wrappers, and the most recent cups were all located in the passenger seat where the seatbelt buckles, much like that image. Her home showed maybe a mild version of hoarding.
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