Dog Storage Lockers Could Be Useful for Parents as Well as Dog Owners

You can't take your dog into grocery stores, so where do you put him? If you tie him up outside, someone could steal him. The Hundehiet is one solution from Norway. Just stick your dog inside while you shop and pick him up when you're done.

Link -via Technabob | Photo: Henrick Eriksson

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Substitute 'child' for 'dog', as any conscientious dog owner would consider their pet, and think through that again. FAIL. Now take it a step further and substitute 'yourself' for 'dog'. Perhaps we should just leave puppy home on a comfy dog bed instead.
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I live twenty meters away from that exact box!! :D

Those who find this to be cruel to animals - you haven't seen the dogs tied outside shops in Oslo's January sleet, utterly soaked and freezing miserably. I'm sure they'd all welcome an alternative.

Not that I've ever seen anyone use this box, ever.
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@bepp when you consider the only alternative to those boxes to be tying the dog up outside then you are right. There are however other much better alternatives. Leave the dog at home or find somebody to look after the dog. Before you decide you want a dog you need to decide whether you can actually cope with it. People who tie up their dogs outside shops or indeed leave them locked in little metal boxes clearly haven't thought through dog ownership.
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Wow what kind of dog-hating places do you guys live???

Dogs are tied up in front of stores in my area all the time and most people like to indulge in a little ear scratching before going shopping or getting coffee.

Dogs love walking, people should walk more, walking the dog to the shops is good for both, and raises spirits for everyone else.
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