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XuYu... I'm pretty sure you're joshing me, but I'll play along. OK, WHICH bible version is infallible? There are dozens of English translations (hundreds in all languages) and they are all a little different. KJV happens to be a translation of a translation (the Latin Vulgate Bible). If KJV is infallible, than the Vulgate upon which it came from is infallible as well, right? You do know that the Vulgate is the official Bible of the Roman Catholic Church to this day, right? Does that stress you? Do you smell a popish plot?

And exactly what was I blaspheming about? I only said that KJV may have a couple minor translation errors. Among Protestant Bibles, it still has the best, most beautiful language and beats the more modern (often dumbed down) tranlations hands down. Whether one is a believer or not, KJV has a strong presence in our Anglo-American culture and (IMO) should be read on at least that basis. Plus, it's in the public domain :-)
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Something tells me that "St.Ann's" is not a public school. It's parochial, just apparently rather P.C and gender neutral ... The fallout from Vatican II continues to rain down upon us.

Straight talk from Sid.
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I love the zookeeper's candor! You probably would not see that in the U.S. (regretably). Hopefully, no harm befalls the bears for their understandable bevaviour. I'm guessing not...
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Scientific rigor isn't about taking a vote. If it were, we'd still be working off Caloric Theory. A lot of absolute geniuses of the day (Lavoiser, Laplace, Carnot, et al) thought it was correct. But it stayed a THEORY and people continued testing it until it was eventially disproven and replaced with modern Thermodynamics.

The global warming cult has gotten to point of fascism; if you express skeptism, they call you bad names and try to destroy your credentials.
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Kudos to the prior posters. This apologizing for stuff our ancestors did is INANE. They acted according to the norms of the time, whether it was enslaving people, eating people, or just telling Polish jokes. It's not their descendents cross to bear.
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What are they proposing as an alternative? Nuclear power is about the cleanest thing around! If they think there is something better, they should start investing their own Euros in researching that option, rather than publishing comic books.
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Nick's right about the Prisoner! They used Mini Mokes ( ) on that show, and that's the first thing I thought of when I saw this as well.
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Re: Ellen's comments:
Ugh!! Why are government run libraries getting into the business of competing against private enterprise? These "free" movies she gets aren't really free -- the library (read taxpayers) are paying for the service... and probably a lot more than a piles of new books cost, too. Why? Can't people rent movies on their own?

Why is the municipality using your $ to run taxpaying, person-employing businesses out of town? If you don't like Blockbuster, try Netflix (that's what I do). Libraries should be for borrowing *books*. The degree of expansion of this mission is troubling to me (and johzephine as well, it seems). It's not governments' job to try to crush private sector business. Government is free to run inefficiently (because they can always tax more and are "unfireable"). When Blockbuster gets lazy and pricey, Netflix starts spanking them. Competition like this results in the best product being delivered at the lowest total price (include the taxes you pay!).

Straight talk from Sid.
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If the place has lines that long, they need longer hours. No $ for longer hours? Charge people a couple $ for a library membership! That's not fair to poor people? [yes, I've been to SF and they have them everywhere!] OK, have extended hours with reduced staffing. To enjoy the extended hours, patrons need to buy an off-hours membership. The "normal" hours are still free and accesible to everyone as before. They could probably set the off-hours rates high enough to make some $ to buy more books.

There are ways of efficiently delivering the product to the users. If people are waiting in long queues, they are probably content with paying some $ to avoid this. Just let the users ber the cost -- don't foist it on the rest of the taxpayers.
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This place was built in the early 60s -- that's a time when the Japanese were still playing "catch up" after teh War and were doing so by copying Western technologies and ideas.

Once they caught up, they started doing things on their own, though. And this brings us to Hello Kitty and Pokemon...
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I've no problem with anybody spending their own $ to make a museum (or billboard or website) promoting whatever they want -- that's what the First Amendment is all about.

If one was going to rag on Christians, though, there are probably better ways to do it than pick a mistranslated word from one of the many Bible translations in use by Christians. It just makes the billboarders look stupid and petty, IMHO.

The King James translators worked from the Latin Bible (itself a translation) which was the common use (that's what Vulgate means!) bible of the day. In Latin, the word for the rhinocerous is "unicornis" (literally "one horn"). When St. Jerome (from Africa, late 4th century) created the Vulgate, by translating ancient Hebrew texts into Latin, he used "unicornis" as a good translation for the Hebrew word for rhinocerous. The translation into Latin was accurate and everyone was happy.

Fastforward 1200 years... The KJV translators in Britain weren't too familiar with creatures such as rhinos and translated "unicornis" a little too directly, coming up with the false cognate "unicorn" (which also has 1 horn). An understandable error, and not a big deal, really. If you read the texts, you'll see they are not refering to white winged horses with horns in their heads.

I checked an e-text copy of Douay-Rheims (the English language Catholic Bible that actually predates KJV) and most of the "unicornis" references were translated as "rhinocerous" instead. There are a couple places in the Psalms that use "unicorn", though. It may be because the Psalms are very poetic and the translators weren't sure that a mythical unicorn wasn't intended. Douai-Rheims was also translated over time, with a number of people working on it. Some may have gone one way and some went the other. I dunno.

To be sure, there are folks out there that consider the KJV the "end-all" of bible translations, completely accurate and free of translation error. Among Christians, this is a pretty small sliver, though. So why rag on this single mistranslasted word in an enormous work to attack them or Christians as a whole?

Straight talk from Sid.
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L -
No intent at bashing your fine country... just trying to help us avoid from falling into a similar health pitfall. Remember, though, these people's need for medical care was not sudden ... the nature of the pregnancy was known and the Caesarean birth planned for months. Frankly, I'm amazed that the Calgary hospitals couldn't accomodate them with all the notice given and the press coverage they knew this birth would bring. How is this covered in the Canadian press? Isn't it a tremendous embarassment for health care advocates there? Is something being left out of the US reports?

Alex - I used an alternate email address this time. I'm not sure why it's not going through ... one of us must be being flagged as spam somewhere as I know I got the Damocles email from you (but no others) and responded. Hmmmm.
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