Identical Quadruplets.

Karen Jepp of Calgary, Alberta has given birth to four daughters, a rare instance of identical quadruplets. The babies were conceived without fertility drugs, and were delivered two months early. The odds of identical quadruplets are about one in 13 million. Less than 50 cases appear in medical records. The Jepps traveled to Great Falls, Montana for the Caesarian birth, making the four girls American citizens. Link -via Fark

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I just came across this article now and the comments from Sid and other equally narrow-minded Americans are astonishing! First let me say I know this couple and their sitation (a lack of neonatal beds) was a RARE occurance in Calgary - didn't you read the article - they had way more premature births than expected all at once. Let's get one thing straight - Canada's health care is NOT "socialized" (the word Americans love to mistakingly throw around w/out even understanding what it means). It is NOT "gov't" run - it's privately run and largely publically funded (70%), there's a difference. Calgary has experienced a larger than usual "boom" in recent years and hosptials have been struggling to catch up to the massive population growth like everything else in the city. The fact remains that the Alberta gov't still picked up the tab! Meanwhile, more than 45 million Americans have NOBODY to pick up the tab - they simple avoid medical treatment or go bankrupt. Canada's health care is far from perfect, but it's a MILLION times better than the joke of a US system that cares more about profit than patient care. Finally, to make it sound like Canadians pay so much more in taxes is also a CROCK - the taxes are NOT that much higher in Canada and for almost every single Canadian, the little bit higher they are is WAY better than the astronomical health costs so many Americans have to deal with.
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One VERY major point that everyone seems to be missing here; is that the situation is far from 'normal' in Calgary right now! We are suffering major infastructure issues due to the huge influx of people wanting to get in on the oil boom. Thousands come here every week.

Our medical system is also suffering as a result, along with everything else. I'd take the Canadian Health care system over the US any day! It's always been very good to us; and boy we've needed it!
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Okay, so she had the babies in the U.S. They wanted the best care available and, apparently, the Calgary hospital couldn't handle it. Probably not because they were ill-equipped, but because of the enormity of the situation and the need for complete concentration on one patient. Who knows really. Trust me, my neighbors to the south. "Free" -- which is truly not really free because we pay HUGE taxes for this privilege -- health care is the best thing in the world. It is the great equalizer for all people great and small. It has its drawbacks but in the long run, we are better off. No one goes without care, prenatal and otherwise. We are truly blessed. Canada is a great country that takes care of all of its people!
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SmartyDeny: you have a gift for diplomacy, not to mention imaginative vocabulary. The word "Republiscum", for example really tends to bring people together and smooth things over.

Alex: why is it that every time I post to Neatorama I see the message "Your comments are awaiting moderation" and sometimes have to wait half a day before it appears, and yet you let offensive trolls like this one get away with comments like this?
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