Nara Dreamland, an Alternate Universe Disneyland

Nara Dreamland in Japan closed last year, though when it was open it was so deserted that you would be hard pressed to explain why it wasn't closed sooner.

Nara Dreamland is a park we were VERY curious to visit. Some say it's a 'knock off' of Disneyland, and we were told it was very similar. Have a look at what bizarre things we found at this "Alternate Universe Disneyland"....

Link - via J-Walk

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"We found some pretty bizarre things in the vending machines at Nara Station."

Fuck you, ignorant white racists!

Is it ok to say the F word? If not, I'm sorry.
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Hmm if it weren't run down, and mostly closed I think I'd prefer it over disneyland. I can't stand being bumpercar-ed like cattle from ride to ride by a wall of sweaty overweight tourists. *sigh* Wish Disneyland would let in about 1/10'th the people it does a day.
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This place was built in the early 60s -- that's a time when the Japanese were still playing "catch up" after teh War and were doing so by copying Western technologies and ideas.

Once they caught up, they started doing things on their own, though. And this brings us to Hello Kitty and Pokemon...
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Wow, this is very bizarre. It looks like what they did is collect a whole bunch of photographs from Japanese tourists that went to Disneyland and then try to copy it. Then it got closed down because someone got wind of it.
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