Unicorn Museum

Inspired by the Creation Museum, the Brotherhood of Fantasy Creatures decided to make their very own Unicorn Museum as a web parody.

Based on the idea of 'if it's in the Bible, it must be true', The Unicorn Museum promotes belief in the Biblical Truth of unicorns, a creature mentioned nine times in the KJV Bible.

This website has been published as an act of protest by the Brotherhood of Fantasy Creatures (MiddleEarth Div.157) in response to the injurious actions of the Creation Museum. The Creation Museum is a new $27 Million facility designed to teach the ‘truth’ of Creationism and the Christian Bible. We of the BFC feel that this group represents a threat to continued belief in other fantasy creatures/BFC signatory members and have constructed this website as a protest against their monopolistic and anti-competitive practices.

The billboard above isn't real (yet) - they're trying to place this billboard (or something like it - you can submit your own design) near the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

Link - via I.Z. Reloaded

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OK, let's break it down:

Big thunder lizard no kill man. Big lizard killed by falling rock, many moons ago.

Man read big Bible book. Man happy, give Bible book to next man.

Next man read Bible book, afraid. He elect leader to protect him, who thinks big lizards killed men.

Leader who thinks big lizards killed men reads Bible book, confused. He kill first man for his own good.

Next man blame first man for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Big Bible book gets passed to next man's children. To be continued...
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The creation exhibit and the billboard are legitimate expressions, both. But the unicorn folks (in reality, a science group) take the argument.

Sid, your post is very informative and interesting, and you are right about this one word, but the larger argument is that the entire huge text is open to that kind of inquiry and dissection. Over the centuries, those books have passed through several languages, and untold original authors, hands, countries, ecumenical committees, scholars, translators and who knows what else, even before they were wrangled by Tisdale and all the others for the English KJV (not to mention the scores of translations that followed). That's a big wild imprecise process, solidified in print.

Yet there are apparently a lot of people who take these words very literally, and are convinced this is the end of knowledge. No logic, observations or reasoning will sway them. They want it taught in schools. We live in a marketplace of competing ideas, and that type of reactionary thinking has to be opposed.

Respectfully submitted by a Christian (and daily reader of KJV) who believes God wants us to use the brains He gave us. -- Jack
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XuYu... I'm pretty sure you're joshing me, but I'll play along. OK, WHICH bible version is infallible? There are dozens of English translations (hundreds in all languages) and they are all a little different. KJV happens to be a translation of a translation (the Latin Vulgate Bible). If KJV is infallible, than the Vulgate upon which it came from is infallible as well, right? You do know that the Vulgate is the official Bible of the Roman Catholic Church to this day, right? Does that stress you? Do you smell a popish plot?

And exactly what was I blaspheming about? I only said that KJV may have a couple minor translation errors. Among Protestant Bibles, it still has the best, most beautiful language and beats the more modern (often dumbed down) tranlations hands down. Whether one is a believer or not, KJV has a strong presence in our Anglo-American culture and (IMO) should be read on at least that basis. Plus, it's in the public domain :-)
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