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We talk about this all the time where I work. We have limited time and resources. Should we do A or B, or wait for some better opportunity?

I agree that the question is incomplete. If we ask the question a bit differently: You have a roadside fruit stand. Should you spend an hour picking blueberries in the woods behind your house, or buy strawberries from a neighbor for $40? Walking to the neighbor's house takes an hour and you can sell the strawberries for $50. You can't answer the question without knowing how much the blueberries are worth.
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You don't need a paper plate because you don't want to touch the crust. You need it because the toppings are sliding off. This solves nothing.
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Every Libertarian I've ever met is a Republican in disguise. They want government out of their business, but want government to dictate the business of others.
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I agree with Miss C. It started out OK, but I had to stop it at the 1:00 mark. It was hard to listen to. Too many notes that didn't go together.
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Growing up in NJ, my dad needed a snow blower to clear the driveway. He'd make these huge (to a kid's eye) drifts on the side. I remember wanting to spend all day carving out caves in those drifts. We'd spending ten minutes getting bundled up for maybe a half hour of fun. Frozen fingers always drove us back inside, where we'd thaw our hands on a warm cup of cocoa.
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What if the stamp slid into the wrong position just as the glue set up? Oh no. I meant to say "I am not free", but now it says "Your love delights me."
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I don't think it's surprising that Kmart is featured. They're the only store that heavily promotes layaway. They made a big splash when it was reintroduced.
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I grew up in the northeast, but it never occurred to me to clear snow off my SUV's roof or around a fire hydrant. I assume that his social morality is not widely held.
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The mountain range one is really amazing, assuming it's a real picture. But the others share only one data point, so they're not that significant. The trend lines aren't even that close.
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