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1000? Some of us have been playing quake 3 for, conservatively, 3,000 hours since it came out in the late 90s. And we still suck lol.
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How can you possibly determine how much a horse can see? And how much does it need to see to run?

This is a poorly vetted story.
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Actually tipping hurts people who do these kinds of jobs; it allows the boss to pay them less, frequently less than minimum wage. I think tipping should no longer be standard, rather it should be only for rare circumstances with a person like a doorman, babysitter, hair-cutter, etc and then only once a year. People serving you food should get a reliable living wage in bi-weekly paychecks. Period. No one should be tipped for just doing their job, nor should they depend on generous people instead of this jerk. It is not fair to them and it is hard to justify socially. No one tips pilots and doctors who do among the most important things. They don't need tips because they get good wages. Others should have the same thing.
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Possibly the best course of action would be to dismantle the ship and copy the technology. It has advanced nuclear reactors, jet engines, computer technology, radar, communications, and other aircraft technologies. Those would have been a great leap forward in technology that would not only end the war faster, but also possibly preempt the cold war (with some warning) by putting the United States another decade ahead of the USSR in 1945. If it changed the Manhattan Project or even avoided the need for it, Klaus Fuchs may never have been informed of the design of a nuclear weapon. That would have prevented him from transmitting that information to the USSR further harming their weapons program. It is possible that the Nimitz in 1942 would have prevented the cold war that it was designed to fight!
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The genius who turned the largest corporation on Earth into something that was hip and indy, selling average hardware for above average price, all because it is fashionable to be seen with an apple.
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"If a laser beam is swept quickly across a distant object, the spot of light can move faster than c, although the initial movement of the spot is delayed because of the time it takes light to get to the distant object at the speed c. However, the only physical entities that are moving are the laser and its emitted light, which travels at the speed c from the laser to the various positions of the spot. Similarly, a shadow projected onto a distant object can be made to move faster than c, after a delay in time.[38] In neither case does any matter, energy, or information travel faster than light.[39]"
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"How does he do it?"

He is great, but popping has been around since the early 80s, probably 10 - 15 years before he was born. From the comments above, this is also common knowledge.
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Any ending, ANY ending would have been better. Here is the problem with the ending, and to a lesser extent the last season... when a show gets into a cadence, a rhythm, there is something to be said for maintaining that rhythm.

No one asked for the last episode to explain everything. Core followers (those who watched the show from the first season, rather than from the last one or two) would have been happy if a few loose ends were tied up, and some people went home, and others remained on the beach. Indeed the best possible ending would have had some people back on the beach. It is called symmetry, a basic concept in art.

Rather than this or dozens of other possible endings, we wound up with this totally out of place, religious ending. Something that was corny, pointless, and totally out of place with the rest of the story. Indeed after saying "they are not all dead" for years, it turns out they ARE all dead. And JJ has the nerve to get upset?

He could have thrown darts at a board to wind up with a better ending. I deleted the last episodes of lost, now I presume that the show ended in season 4.

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"ok, i admit, i skipped reading the part about the squid being dead. i guess that changes something. still, not my kind of "neat"."

No the animal is not dead, and it looks like an octopus. Either way, the brain and most of the body are still right there.

The animal is still alive, it was cut in half and then tortured with what looks like soy sauce. That means mostly salt, literally pouring salt on and in a body cut in half. It is very sick, nearly dead, and probably suffocating because it has been out of water for a long while. Only the extreme pain of the salt is enough to make it try one last time to get away. By the time the salt it poured into the stump where it's body was cut in half, it looks like it ran out of energy.

Good times...
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