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Clearly fat people (or smokers, motorcyclists, etc) aren't capable of making informed decisions about their health either, so they're next on the sterilization list, right? Right?
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My cat turns cat food into hair (and poop) at an prodigious rate, so I certainly have the raw materials to give this a go.

Hairboutiquecom - I've heard that announcing that you've shaved your pussy will actually make you quite popular in certain circles. I don't understand it myself...
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That's lovely! Yes, probably a bit too long if you're not into racing and don't know the layout of Laguna Seca, but Mom's eventual reaction at the end when they're pulling back into the pits is awesome. Go Mom!
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The tarmac is laid down in 1-lane wide strips. The earth underneath it is fairly soft, while the strips of tarmac are both strong and flexible, the join between the tarmac on the two lanes is fairly weak. When the ground moves and slips, the weakest part breaks and the road unzips like this.

Here's a photo from the recent Christchurch earthquake in NZ: http://www.novafm.com.au/photo_road-split-in-sumner_259344

Notice that the crack starts off to one side but quickly runs right down the middle of the road between the lanes. Just like taking a piece of paper, putting a sharp crease down the middle and pulling the two halves apart, the tear might start anywhere but will quickly run to the crease and the paper will come apart quickly and neatly.

No photoshop required.
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Say what? Cross-dressers are in it solely to attract attention? Did you guys just arrive on a time machine from 1950? Way to wear your ignorance on your sleeve!
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dncucf: you seem terribly confused. If there's no law against something, then it isn't illegal. It's really quite simple if you think about it. I'd be interested in hearing your reasons why you think it should be 'obvious' that smoking catnip wouldn't be a good idea.
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Hookahs as for smoking tobacco. A water pipe for smoking 'dope' is called a bong.

Many millions of us consider smoking 'dope' to be rather neat indeed. Some others don't, but since you don't seem to be the King or Queen of the world, or even of Neatorama, I guess you'll just have to live with that.

You appear to equate smoking 'dope' with the manufacture of methamphetamines, indicating that you have a somewhat tenuous grasp on whatever point it is that you're trying to make.
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Oh dear, poor Alex. You've made the mistake of posting an article that could potentially be interpreted by the ignorant and painfully insecure as suggesting that there are some aspects of the U.S. and it's citizens that are not absolutely unquestionably the best at absolutely everything in every conceivable way. Clearly you are a traitor who makes the baby Jesus cry!
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upman5599, that is a ridiculous overreaction. You sound like someone has slighted your messiah. Gates is a very successful businessman, not to mention a very important philanthropist, but contrary to popular belief, did not get that way through being some sort of computer genius, inventor or brilliant coder. Above all, his success is attributable to being very, very shrewd and ruthless. Also, having very good (some might say lucky) timing.
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Gail Pink: it's not a positive story if it's completely made up, is it? In fact, I'd say that making up silly stories to fool people who think life works like a TV sitcom plot is something the 'Downer Parade' would do.

Also, since when did expressing doubt over a dubious story equate to 'Hating'?
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From the perspective of someone not from the US, this business of publishing mug shots of people who have been arrested but not yet convicted of anything is just unbelievably creepy. I was under the impression that one is innocent until proven guilty.
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Tim Giachetti, John Farrier: Chantix is used to reduce the desire for nicotine. While it's admirable that Johnny Cat is quitting smoking, I can't really see what's so awesome, gutsy or incredible about mentioning it.
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