Smoking Catnip

What could you do in Minneapolis in 1969 if you couldn't afford (or couldn't find) marijuana? Smoke catnip, of course! Marijuana was $10 to $20 an ounce (gasp!), but catnip cost only about 30 cents an ounce.
“We couldn’t keep catnip on the shelf for a while,” said Richard Andersen, owner of four Twin Cities pet centers. “Lots of kids were buying a dozen or two dozen packages at a time. I knew something was abnormal. The cat population couldn’t have increased as much as the sales of catnip. Large-quantity sales have diminished, but they are still going on.”

The manager of a Downtown Minneapolis department store pet shop concurred. “We questioned some of the youthful big buyers of catnip and they admitted they were smoking it,” he said.

Another pet store owner said, “I refuse to sell large quantities of catnip to young people. I know they want to smoke it and I don’t think it’s right.”

Whether catnip smoking ever had any hallucinogenic effect on the user at all is debatable, but the fad didn't last long. -via TYWKIWDBI

(image credit: Richard Olsenius)

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I have smoked catnip with my friends, and to my amazement none of them say it works, but if smoked in large amounts it definitely does something, it is up to you all to decide whether you like it or not, but i agree the taste isnt amazing and it is very smoky, but its a good replacement for other more serious drugs or addictions. I also think, just like cats it only has an effect on some people, because i am sure i have felt it while others say it tastes like shit.
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There is so much disinformation out there it is pathetic. I personally would prefer that kids be experimenting with Marijuana and catnip rather than alcohol and meth. There is no such thing as "The spirit of the law". Something is either against the law or it is not and if it is not against the law then it is by default "Legal". So the argument of it not being legal is a bonehead statement. 2nd fact here is that catnip WILL get you high if smoked. It hits twice as hard as marijuana but does not last that long. Fresh grown and aged catnip is best. The reason that the catnip smoke is harsh is because, unlike marijuana, it has not been aged and since the catnip is dry and not moist it burns more complete and thus gives off more smoke. Obviously the more smoke the more you choke. Our laws are not flawed, they are designed to be dishonest and to pad the pockets of law enforcement, law makers, the judicial system and the prison system. Personally, I have just taken the stance that the law can fuck off and those who go along with the law can fuck off. I say, do what you want and make your own decision as to what is right for you. Thomas Jefferson, one of the greatest of our founding fathers, warned us against making laws that restrict personal freedoms of Americans.
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smoking catnip might sound like a bad idea to those who have never been a user of any drug legal or illegal. but what about those who are looking for an alternitive to ciggs or weed.
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I'm pretty sure the only reason catnip is awesome is because it smells like the pheromones released by horny lady cats. I doubt homo sapiens would get all hot and bothered by this.
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