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ted: the linked-to site does none of those things. Please dismount from your high horse and get your computer checked out by someone who knows what they're doing.
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cuimhne - wow, you posted your inane comment slightly before HersHers. Well done, sparky. Do you want a medal?

John - if you don't know much about music and aren't sure if you're correctly identifying a style, wouldn't it be wiser to refrain from offering a comment on it? Or is this just a passive/agressive way for you to demonstrate how proud you are of not liking electronic music, or something like that?
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Good lord, the above posters might need to consider upping their meds. Might be an idea to get reading glasses as well, since none of them apparently read the article which addresses every asinine point they tried to make.
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I'm pretty sure that if you'd asked the Viscount Melbourne, after whom both the Floridian and Victorian cities of Melbourne are named (well strictly speaking, at least according to Wikipedia, Melbourne Florida is in fact named after Melbourne Victoria), he'd have pronounced it closer to 'Melb'n' than 'Mel-booorne'.
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