Those Ugly Manga Chicks? They're Dudes!

Manga-inspired cosplay is nothing unusual for Japanese otakus or even here in the United States (see, for instance, our post about the Comic Con 2010 costumes)

But in China, cosplay has taken a weird twist:

Japan’s TBS news visits a gathering of otaku in China to report on how there is now a “boom” in the number of male fans who dress up like female anime and manga characters.

The cross-dressers were apparently influenced by television shows about otaku who do the same kind of thing in Japan. The publication of a Chinese cross-dressing cosplay manual is cited as evidence of this being a trend. It is also mentioned that a lot of Chinese netizens have criticized the weird activities of these otaku.


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Thanks for the reply. I pointed out in the other thread that nobody replied to it, but it really wasn't a desperate plea for attention, I assure you.

So the issue is simply about the phrasing of the title? I really don't think it is.

Do you really think that someone who dresses up as a cartoon character cares what Alex thinks?
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Since you've requested attention be paid to your comment, Ted, you do understand that you failed to address the issue, don't you? That's why no one responded to you.

People don't care that Alex posted an article about cosplay. We're all aware of what it is and how it differs from other cross-gender activities (for lack of a better description). People do care that the title he used for that article reflects identically the sentiment and words commonly used to justify all manner of nastiness towards people who do not conform to gender norms, ranging from harassment to murder, and that is not hyperbole.

Again: the cosplay itself isn't the issue. Alex's poor choice of title is. He was not forced to use the words he did, but he chose to -- apparently because it was a phrase that would drag eyeballs to his post.
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Wow. I didn't call this "cross-dressing". I called it "dressing in drag". I don't know if they're identifying as something else or what. The whole point of "drag" is to be larger than life and to draw attention to your wild outfit. To say that it isn't is a slap in the face to drag queens everywhere.

To do cosplay is more akin to doing drag than it is to cross-dressing. For example, you dress up as IronMan because you want others to see how cool your IronMan outfit is. To equate cross-dressing to this is to say "When I was a child, I always knew I was different. I identified with IronMan. I dress like IronMan now, and I'm getting the surgery next week to be IronMan."

This is why everybody who's pontificating about phobias and the 1950's, should just think for a moment instead of being so reactionary and accusatory.
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@ Nutbastard

So if I'm bothered by something and point it out, I'm freaking out and need to grow up? I gotta say, it seems like you're overreacting to what's being said. I just wanted to voice my opinion, but now you're putting words in my mouth, saying I'm trying to find hate or something.
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weird is as much as a put-down as ignorant. the actual definition differs greatly from how the words are used. let me illustrate my point. most of the people posting here are ignorant. meaning they have a lack of knowledge. in this case about cross-dressing. most CD'S do not want attention. they are publicly ridiculed and in some cases killed because they are "weird" or different. although i am happy to see that most posters here are not homophobic it is disheartening to see that there is still so much confusion about what a CD is.
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