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@RD - your assessment is correct, sir or madam. More importantly, your response was not inflammatory, and added to the discussion of the topic at hand.

See how it's done, assholes?
Think of the children before you post, or take them to see any Lucas movie.
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Man, there's a lot of classist assholes on Neatorama. From these comments, I guess it's safe to say that the majority of folks here are assholes. If you disagree and say that you aren't an asshole, I'll just say you are the minority. Wow. Your IQ is showing, too.
Kids, this area is unsafe.
Please, think of the children.
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You probably don't need the book in class. With well coordinated study groups, you can share the book costs among group members, and use it in the group. Can't noodle that out? Get used to paying full price, dweeb. Effective teams always trump individual performance - over time.
But I have to read this...sure, and later your boss will want you to read his every memo. Will you, dweeb? Three-point-oh-and-go! Life's too short.
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