"Did You Put Any Thought into This?"

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Two guys are trying to move a honey bee colony without any specialized equipment. One is calm and confident; the other is nervous and uncertain. Judging from the conversation, they've been in situations like this before:

“They’re not stinging you. Have you been stung yet?”

“You also said the skunk wouldn’t spray me either!”

-via Nerdcore

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I worked at a nursery (the kind with plants) for a couple of summers in college that also had an apiary - it was pretty fascinating when a new queen was born - I watched the owner with no gear on just rap on the branch the swarm was on (it was a mid sized fruit tree - far smaller in diameter than the branch in the above video), they all dropped into the new bee box.

Very cool - and from what I saw, pretty safe. I mean, *I* didn't want to do it...but still they are all so fixated on the queen, they don't sting.
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I don't know about this. While I am sure this is legit. I have known several bee keepers in my time and all of them said getting stung was part of it, and these guys had protective gear and smokers.

One sting and it's pandemonium. I guess it is like the lion tamer. It's safe until they eat you.
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I believe it's a matter of "they won't sting you until one of them stings you". When one bee stings you, you're also "marked" (chemically? pheremonally?) as a threat, and then the envenomation begins. Also, there was none of the threatening "bonking" of the camera that bees often do to let you know it's time to back off.
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