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Um... you may be missing the fact that the original Supply Side Jesus was satyrical, and ended with the actual Jesus Christ being killed.
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Originally, vibrators were invented as a shortcut for physicians, who up to that point had been stimulating women manually to release their hysteria. Best job ever!
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On one hand, I'd be pissed if I spent 30 grand on flowers and the flower company didn't get the order right.

On the other hand, I would never spend nearly thirty grand on flowers. Jesus Christ. Does anyone ever remember the floral arrangement at a wedding? Just spend enough money on giving your guests an open bar and I promise they won't notice the flowers.
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...I mean, really, they define themselves by popular rhetoric, but instead of a mindless allegiance to it, they have a mindless opposition to it. It's like someone set out to make un-socialism, instead of forging ahead with truly new, original ideas.
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