Green Roofs: Pretty and Functional

EcoGeek blog has some gorgeous pictures of green roofs, which supposedly can also minimize heating and cooling bills of buildings while maximizing the the beauty of the urban landscape.


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It seems none of you has seen the work of hundertwasser, thats very interesting, if you like this, as arquitecture or as philosophy, dont miss his work!
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I am all for saving the planet, and I like the advantage of living underground, but the embedded cost, pollution, and harm to the environment a structure like this would cause would blow your mind. Are you going to use concrete? How about the rubber membrane for the roof? Don't forget about the heavy equipment used to dig the hole, and massive amounts of top soil lost! How much land would a company have to destroy if they couldn't use their 80 story building? Instead of a small footprint urban spraw would be a disaster. I think that there are plenty of options out there, but you better consider the big picture.
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There is nothing urban about this landscape...
It dosn't have to be organic and hobbit-like to be sustainable. Maybe they should try to make some modern architechture instead!
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People with roofs like these do say they can hear the deer walking above, but that the sound is rather pleasant! Kinda like bumpy caves, in a way.. Plus, you could grow all the wheat you could use, right on the roof!
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