World War II-Themed Wedding

Jo Rowell and Tony Cox of Hartlepool, England were married recently in style -1940s style!
A blackout marked the beginning of the ceremony and the silence was broken by the sounds of Neville Chamberlain announcing war on Germany.

The ceremony also included the sounds of sirens and Lancaster bombers flying overhead.

Spotlights lit up a trench scene in Normandy complete with a silhouette of an American soldier going over the top and glider planes above.

Jo then made an entrance to the sound of Glenn Miller's Moonlight Serenade and the touching ceremony went off without a hitch.

Link -via Look at This

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Iv just come across this article.I was the groome at this wedding.Firstly there are some mistakes made by the newspaper covering this.
1. No trench scene it was Iron mike statue in normandy.
2. Do any of these people leaving comments know that there were quite a few American servicemen who married English women during the war,so there were happy times during the dark days of war and that was what we tried to create.As for my uniform,i have done my time in the army which i think is more than some of these people leaving comments.
3.Do these people moan about people wearing military uniforms,best you have a word with hollywood then when actors are playing well known people through history.
4.We had a fantastic day even those who lived through the war said they had a great time,and all that matters is I MARRIED the WOMAN of my dreams and we are happy,maybe some of you should get out more and get a life.
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I'm guessing (based on the comments above) that none of you are part of any vintage crowds.

There is a small group of people who live vintage everyday of their lives. I happen to be friends with some of them here in California. They not only dress in re-pro vintage clothes (and sometimes real vintage clothes) but they drive vintage cars, use vintage vacuum cleaners, toasters, radios, TVs, telephones, egg timers, lights, fans, doorknobs, desks and the like. Getting married in a vintage setting would only be natural to them. In fact, my cousin already has her dressed picked out and waiting.

I admit, the war aspect is a little odd....but then again, there is an annual dance in LA that has a blackout re-enacting a very strange occurrence back in the 40s.

As far as vintage people disrespecting those who were in the war....the friends I have regularly make friends with the war veterans. I have yet to see a war veteran refrain from smiling and talking to them.
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Cruising past this again, I noticed the last line. I really hope the wedding didn't "go off without a hitch", or the whole thing would have been kinda pointless.
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I told my father about this wedding this morning and he loved the idea and thought it was really funny. He served in the pacific in the Army Air Corps. There is nothing disrespectful to a veteran about honoring their service and how could there be?

Apparently some of you have forgotten that there are Civil-War themed weddings in the USA every year. And you know what? They didn't "earn" the right to wear either uniform there, because that war's been over for 140 years.

Regardless about how one feels about the concept of war in general, the reality of war for veterans is almost always a double-sided sword. For all the misery they saw and caused it was the moment in time when an 18 yr old farm boy could be sent to training camps all over America and then see Hawaii, Polynesia and Japan first hand and come back knowing that they personally and literally saved the world from Adolf Hitler, arguably the worst human being who ever lived ever. For my father and frankly, for every WW2 vet I ever talked to in detail, while there were lots of sad and horrible things about the war, the triumph of democracy in the face of fascism was a goal they felt was worth dying for.

I can't argue with that, can you?
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