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Why do people claim its a fake without taking 2 minutes to follow the links...


It's not fake nor is it the first crater smiley face to have ever been photographed. There is one taken all the way back from Viking 1.
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I Can't believe he actually believes that 300 years did not happen. Coincidently I have taken a history course on that exact time and I can tell you all this is a load of horse crap! (not that one class can make you an expert, but I still know something about this time period)

There is so much information that to say it is fake is ridiculous! not to mention, the other scientific evidence of those 300 years. Geology, carbon dating, etc... So did the pope know about all this too and somehow falsified it?

And what about the historical records outside of Europe?! If you compare historical records in China this theory doesn't make any sense!
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On a related note, it is interesting to see what words or phrases have become exclusively related to sex in one form or another.

Well endowed, erected, the other word for Rooster, etc...
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So is the artist trying to saying Jesus has already died for our sins once, but because we have become so corrupt he must do it again?

I'm guessing this sculpture is taking on an anti death penalty view.
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Damn Alex and I thought I was pretty extreme with my 61%. How did you manage to get 83%?

Let me guess, You would eat human flesh even if you weren't starving! :)
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This could have far reaching implications. If I'm not mistaken one of the problems robots have is recognizing features and shapes.

I'm disappointed though, that we didn't get to see the drawing in comparison to the actual person. I wonder if it is because it wasn't very accurate.
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Jesus... some of you guys get really irritable during the holidays... If you cant get cheered up by this, there is no hope for you!

Has anyone else noticed how the negativity of posts has increased as Christmas nears?
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This is my favorite 300 video clip. Absolutely hilarious!

And before the PETA crowd gets here... The fan part isn't real, I was told it was part of a Nokia commercial.
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HAHA! I think my two favorites were Samurai Santa, and the crucified Santa.

"Samurai Santa wants you to have a Merry Christmas... OR ELSE!" :)
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