Pieta (Study) Sculpture by Paul Fryer

That's Pieta (Study), a 2006 sculpture of Jesus on an electric chair by UK artist Paul Fryer.

I'll leave my interpretation of this sculpture's symbolism out of this post, but feel free to tell us what you think in the comment.

Link - via Artsblog.it

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I think its very powerful. It makes me feel like Jesus is reminding us of the sanctity of life. That we are killing one of his own. Its a reminder of the brutality of capital punishment and how that has not changed.

And yes there is the question of could the same have happened to him in modern times. What if he was one of the the poor, uneducated, marginised men with no funds to pay for a decent attorney who are frequently convicted to die on little if any evidence.
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His art has nothing to do with controversy or trying to make money. The idea is that Jesus was crazy and might have been a "good person" but he wasn't the son of god since god does not exist. Much like the Lenny Bruce comment noted regarding electric chairs. We associate criminals and lunatics with electric chairs today and they probably associated crucifying the same. We wouldn't wear an electric chair around our necks so why a cross.
By the way it isnt boring, it captivated you enough to write a comment on how boring it may be. Art is supposed to invoke a response whether positive or negative.

I think that he has done his job.
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going back to "religion is a lie", I will go to Pascal's wager, no matter how crazy it mat sound. If you are supposedly an unbeleiver, you go to hell, wheras if you do beleive, you go to heaven supposedly. You have nothing to lose if you do beleive, but for the former, everything. That is, if all this is true.
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