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I'll be waiting to read the autobiographies. We can all guess and guess and point and eyeroll all we want but none of us really know. I'm curious to see how the kids really feel.
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This is some funny stuff! I laughed so hard it woke up the cockroaches who then wanted to see what was so damned funny on the webs. They, like Kevin and Nick made an unamused, pursed-lip, Auntie Em face and went back to snoozin'.
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I wish my adoptive mother had given me back. We never bonded and it was a very painful childhood for me. On the other hand, I do know a man who was given back after adoption and re-adopted. He's a great man who is a person to be admired. I think if this family isn't working out, the child should be offered the option of a better life elsewhere. That's just my opinion. Tim G. has a different one, for instance. At one point in my life, I would have said the same thing of the mother but now I'm older and wiser.
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