Surprise Apartment Inspection

Personally, I can’t imagine signing a lease that would allow a landlord to conduct a surprise apartment inspection when the tenant is out. That’s what happened in this scenario from David Thorne, the writer who brought us the picture of a spider and the coffee cup cleaning chart.
Thankyou for the surprise inspection and invitation to participate in the next. I appreciate you underlining the text at the bottom of the page which I would otherwise have surely mistaken for part of the natural pattern in the paper. I was going to clean the apartment but had so many things on my 'to do' list that I decided to treat them all equally and draw pictures of sharks instead. I have attached one for your honest appraisal.

I have read through your list of chores and intend to rectify the situation by wrapping my entire body in eighteen rolls of super absorbent Thick'n'thirsty® paper towels, hosing down the apartment, then rolling around on the floor and rubbing myself up and down walls. I will cover the more stubborn marks with Liquid Paper. I will also get back to you in regards to the premises being inspected in another two weeks, my agreement to do so will depend on availability and not wanting to.

The string of correspondence between David and Peter the manager gets more surreal from this point. Link -via reddit

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This is some funny stuff! I laughed so hard it woke up the cockroaches who then wanted to see what was so damned funny on the webs. They, like Kevin and Nick made an unamused, pursed-lip, Auntie Em face and went back to snoozin'.
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Surprise inspections in Australia?

G'day MJ,

Not in my section of Australia - VIC & NSW - they have to give *at least* 24 hrs notice - all the inspections I've had I've been given two week notice.
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Wow, what an idiot.

It's fairly standard as part of rental agreements in Australia for there to be surprise inspections, unfortunately.

There is never a nice thing to say about real estate agents. The one that we're with, Nelson Alexander, are completely useless.

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