What The Duggars Eat in a Day

Got kids? Then you know how expensive it can be to feed a few of these little bloodsuckers children. But can you imagine having to feed 19 kids?

Here's what The Duggars of 19 Kids and Counting feed their kids in one - yes, one - typical day, as they told Savannah Guthrie of TODAY:

3 dozen eggs
5 lbs turkey bacon
20 biscuits
10 oranges
4 lbs. grapes
3 loaves whole wheat bread
4 lbs sloppy joe meat
3 lbs. green beans
3 lbs. potatoes
2 watermelons
2 family size bags lettuce
4 lbs. spaghetti noodles
3 loaves french bread
2 pans brownies
1 gallon vanilla ice cream

Link I know how some of you feel about the Duggars, but please keep the comment section nice and clean, mmkay?

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I absolutely love the Dugger family. They are what I like to call true christians. They don't go around preaching and trying to convince people to join their religion. They live a good life and I see nothing wrong with getting older kids to help out with younger kids. This sort of life will give older girls the idea of how to look after kids and babies, and would therefore teach them responsibility. They are not on welfare and they plan and manage their money wisely. Which is also good for the kids to learn. They are a great family. At least the they aren't out getting drunk and in to all kinds of trouble. They are caring children who show respect to their wonderful parents and each other. I wish them the best for the future.
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