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I visited Afghanistan in Dec 2013, and it is nothing less than a tragedy to see these streets, towns, and the culture destroyed to crumbling ruins and puritanical misogyny. What a this great nation of harmony and prosperity has been reduced to- a wasteland of crumbling ruins, and soldiers on every corner watching for suicide bombers, and filthy.... I won't go on. Because for all It's faults, the people of Afghnistan are among the most industrious and hospitable people I have ever encountered in my travels. In'shallah, peace and tolerance will return to that land. Of course if you like your children uneducated beyond the Koran, and women cloaked in suffocating chadors, I take it all back.
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I had some crappy home tattoos removed by the same method. Once those blisters heal, you can hardy tell the difference. In fact after one treatment people said my tattoos were darker. Eventually it took a dozen treatments, and you can still kinda see where they were.

Another problem- even if the ink isn't as dark as the skin, it will still be visible as it's a different colour. Further treatments can leave whitish blue splotches where your cool tribal piece was.

Just sayin' is all.
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I highly doubt this. A quick search shows the internets are full of videos of willing men subjected to the most horrendous genital torture. And living.
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That message will not be read by Yellow Pages- just some shmuck working a temporary minimum wage job. Kinda like yelling at a gas jockey for high oil prices.
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Where's the part where they randomly decide to return my backpack via the oversize section or the regular booth? (I should know by now- it's always the opposite of what they tell me). Also, I didn't see the machine that always covers my bag in so much dirt I can't recognize it:-(
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"Additionally, the deployment of the device may be accompanied by the launching of projectiles."

Such as bullets from a gun? This could prevent the bear from mauling you while you are screwing around with the toy in your backpack.
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I wonder how many photos are lost each day when they delete people's fricking accounts. Thanks a lot flickr- great service I paid your for. Next time I'll just throw my pictures in the garbage and save myself the $50.00!
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