Robert Crumb's Rejected New Yorker Cover

The New Yorker rejected this great same sex marriage cover art by Robert Crumb, so he subsequently declined to do any more work for the magazine. I think Robert Crumb is an unlikely candidate for New Yorker cartoonist, because his illustrations are neither boring nor conservative enough for the average subscriber, but what do you think?


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As a [insert hyphenated, politically correct classification here] I do not find the cartoon the least bit offensive, ugly, or unfunny. It's just some guy's joke-drawing. And really, why not?...
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I just thought it was a straight couple in drag, which would be a heterosexual marriage, hence the joke. Anyway, they should have known when they hired him to do the cover that R. Crumb likes to poke fun at things in sometimes uncomfortable ways.
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". . .so he subsequently declined to do any more work for the magazine." He's done something else that actually made publication or this is just an empty threat? Sorry Mr. Crumb, but this one just isn't right. Perhaps you could do something on Mr. Madoff for us? I don't think so.

R. Crumb and the New Yorker in the same sentence is an oxymoron if there ever was one. This would be a riot on The Onion though. . .
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Crumb got tired of listening to nonsense associated with his art, world view, etc., and after netting a tidy sum from the sale of some of his notebooks, moved to France.

He's hands-down one of the most iconic artists of the seventies. His latest work, "Book of Genesis" offers a wonderful look into the mind of an incredibly talented and intelligent OCD penman.

Anyone who knows Crumb recognizes his penchant for the caricaturist representation of life, love, and goofy-ass looking freaks, may they (goofy-ass freaks, Crumb being one of them) live forever!
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