Behind-the-Scenes: Journey of Your Checked Bag

What happens when your luggage pass through those black rubber flaps at the airport? Delta Airlines sent a camera through the conveyor belts to give you a glimpse of a day in the life of your luggage.

Hit play or go to Link - via Laughing Squid

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I like how the bag was "conveniently" placed ever so softly every time a person touched it...riiiiiiiiight...
I also like how all the other bags around it were handled so "gingerly" also.. mmmmm hmmmmmm
I like how the camera never seemed to be perfectly "in frame", with no obstructions or weird angles... hrrmmmm....

having worked at an airport for many years, and actually seeing with my own 2 eyes, this is NOT the average bags journey.. ding ding ding...
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I've never had a problem (knock-on-wood) with my luggage during a flight and I thought the video was pretty interesting. I kinda wonder why they blurred the faces of their or the airport's employees - you'd think for this kind of promo they'd want to show the nice, smiling faces of those happy baggage handlers :-) I do kinda wish that Delta had chosen to film this during the day time so, you know, you could actually see what's going on when the bag is outside...
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Funny, I just flew Delta from LA to NYC - had no issues! Continental was the airline that stole stuff out of my luggage and then refused to reimburse me after I filed a claim.
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I missed the part where their employees go through your stuff and steal something. (examples: playstation game, bag of candy, cd book, multi tool, etc.)
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