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...there is no way in hell I am going to hold a freakin' tarantula in my hand. And for the record, brown recluses bite. While I have been lucky enough to not get bitten, I have several friends who have, and the bites are nasty. If injected with venom, a brown recluse bite turns necrotic if not treated quickly. And no, just handling them won't cause them to bite, it's when they hide in your shoes and clothing that they will.

And yes, Daddy long-legs spiders do bite. My mother saw one bite her.

No, I do not like spiders. I do not like them at all. However, I do realize they are very beneficial and will leave them alone outside. But if one of those f***ers comes into my house, it's going to meet the bottom of my shoe.
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I actually have these molds...from Williams-Sonoma (it was a Christmas gift a couple years ago). They really aren't that great. On the plus side we have sandwich cutters for the Millennium Falcon and X-wing. Those work out great!
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...To those who complain about us Americans:

"Americans love their big cars and trucks, the out of season fruit and veg shipped from south of the border to Maine. There’s also a stigma in America that you only ride public transport if you’re poor and that small economy, gas saving cars, are unsafe and break easily."

Try this one on for size...I live in Texas. Texas is a big state. Texas is bigger than several European countries combined. Not only is Texas a big state, but everything here is spread out. A lot. So yes, a vehicle is required for driving places, especially if you live in a rural area.

My family owns two SUVs. Why? Because we have a lot of extended family and we carpool. We also make several 10 hour trips a year to visit even more extended family in another state. Of course, my husband works at home so at least we don't have a daily work commute, just my kid's school (which is a 30 minute drive away). Sure, we could survive with a smaller vehicle but I dare you to spend 10-12 hours in a Prius with two small children and a dog.

Public transportation? Yes, I used public transportation...when I lived in Dallas. My city doesn't offer any sort of public transport, and if I have to spend a day in the city I end up driving 10 miles to the train station.

As for these hybrid and electric cars...the cost to create, maintain, and dispose (batteries) of these cars is the same if not more than gas-powered cars, and electric and hybrid cars suck for long-distance highway driving.

Now to end my rant...and I'll just close with the pointless information that I'm currently re-watching the entire Xena series on Netflix. Almost done with season 2 right now.
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I wish ice cream trucks still looked like that. Just today I saw one hurtling down the highway. It was an older model Ford van with one of the (broken/missing) back windows covered in brown packing tape. Filthy, the vinyl lettering falling off, and just looked like crap.

I know ice cream truck drivers barely make any money...but for crying out loud, wash the damned thing! It doesn't have to be fancy but a little preventative maintenance will keep it from looking like a pedo's mobile mansion.
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St. Nicholas of Myra is also credited with punching Arius in the face at the council of Nicea (where the Nicene Creed comes from).

I wish I could get away with punching a heretic on December 6th (St. Nicholas' feast day)...but alas, I don't know any personally.
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Actually, I think he's got the right idea, and not because of his weight. A 3rd trimester pregnant woman would be unable to fit in those booths as well as someone who had a cast. Makes me wonder what their wheelchair friendly seating is like?
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On my last vacation, the initial drive took 11 hours, the return took over 14. What caused the delay? A cranky baby who decided she didn't want to be in her carseat again for another long trip.
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After the nightmare of storms in DFW last night (including at least three confirmed tornadoes across North Texas) seeing a tornado from the inside is NOT on my to-do list right now...
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I agree that this weighted collar is rather cruel. The ONLY time I ever put a collar on my cat (well, a harness, really) is when we travel with her, which is not very often. The reason for that is that her harness has an ID tag and updated vaccination information in case she gets lost. As soon as we get to where we're going, the harness comes off. She's an indoor only kitty because her previous owners had her declawed (I would never do that to a cat but I am willing to adopt one that is already declawed) and there's no way I'm letting her outside with no defense. On the plus side she is agoraphobic...
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*raises hand* I'm scared of clowns too! When I was a toddler, my mother took me to the circus. She tried to introduce me to a clown and I started screaming and crying because it freaked me out or something...been afraid of them ever since. No reason why, I just don't like them.

Oddly enough, my favorite horror book/movie is Stephen King's It. I include the book not only because it's more frightening but so y'all know it isn't just Tim Curry that scares me ;)
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