The Backyard Cat: "Ball and Chain" for Your Cat

Remember the medieval ball and chain used to restraint a prisoner in a dungeon? Well, here's a pet product that used the same concept ... for cats!

Backyard Cat works by disturbing your cat's balance when attempting to jump. Backyard Cat takes the recreation out of jumping. The entire Backyard Cat device, including the cable, weighs about one pound. Backyard Cat has been tested under the supervision of a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Backyard Cat is a revolutionary training system that teaches your cat acceptable jumping behaviors. The Backyard Cat training system includes all of the elements you will need to produce the behavior change in your cat. The change in jumping behavior will provide your cat the opporotunity to roam around fenced property without the worry of jumping over a fence.


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I dont think this is cruel at all. My cat has bad eyesight and cant climb properly. When she gets on the fence she cant get down yet she still attempts, she doesn't understand the danger, there's dogs all round.I'm not prepared to let her get injured and cant keep her indoors as every time the door opens she wants to bolt
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Fine then! Let you cat be miserable and cry at the back door or even worse or maybe better to the people opposed to this training system and probably let there cat/s run wild, let your cat go out so it can get attacked by a dog or another cat or ran over or shot out or even thrown rocks at by children or even cruel Adults. Some people hate cats and will do these things.

A cat would rather be able to do what comes natural to them and roam outside every now and then rather then be couped up in a house getting fat.
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I just stumbled upon this and am shocked at how narrow minded most of the owners on here are. My indoor cat loves being outside. He sits at the window all day long looking outside, but when we let him roam in our small fenced in back yard he scales the fence and escapes. Is it crueler to keep him inside forever or keep him from escaping and getting run over in my densely packed neighborhood?

We already have a harness for him and we have a leash we walk him on, and a tether that is staked and prevents him from reaching the fence even though he struggles against it. The harness and tether work well, but he can get out of it if he gets in the right situation. So the option is to buy $500 worth of netting for the top of the fence, or some alternate means. I haven't tried this product, but it looks promising based on those that have actually used it!
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Spay and neuter by all means.

Keep your cats inside, by all means.

You are not supposed to leave it on inside. Just when it goes outside.

My neighbors put up over $1500 of extra fencing etc. It looks ugly, but works pretty well.

I ran this idea by my Vet and he thought it was a good idea. He said he would never endorse it because cat owners are psychotic and he is afraid of repercussions. I guess you folks are proving him correct.
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My grandma used to only have dogs but as she got older she wanted a cat. We got her one but we quickly decided the cat was not fit to be an outdoor cat. So, we blocked off the sideyard that lead off her room from the backyard. Then we put up some lattice work from the roof to the fence and left half of it with some netting to allow more sun. She has grown all kinds of plants out there and it looks like amazing. The cat can go in and out as it likes, it has a wonderful place to roam and there is no worry.

That is what responsible pet owners do.
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