Pancake Molds Shaped Like Star Wars Vehicles

I love pancakes, they're one of my faves, but a lot of youngsters don't see the attraction when they sit down to breakfast with the fam. That's where these clever cooking gadgets come in: they're pancake molds shaped like Star Wars vehicles, which will make breakfast more fun for kids, and will probably start some epic pancake battles in the space above the dining room table.

And, don't get me wrong, these obviously aren't just for kids, but I don't think the in-laws will feel the same way about them as you do, unless you're lucky enough to have married into a family of Star Wars geeks!


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"but a lot of youngsters don’t see the attraction"

Huh? I assume that's just an excuse, since I can't remember ever meeting a kid that didn't like pancakes, unless they just legitimately didn't like them.

Or you're a very mean parent and serve them with some nasty sugar-free syrup or something.
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Notice the highly uneven browning -- some portions are downright pale and others are too dark? -- that's the fault of using goofy shapes for pancakes rather than Science-Approved "roundish", which keeps any single part from browning while other portions are still raw.

And on this national pancake day, too. Fight against mediocre pancakes!
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I actually have these molds...from Williams-Sonoma (it was a Christmas gift a couple years ago). They really aren't that great. On the plus side we have sandwich cutters for the Millennium Falcon and X-wing. Those work out great!
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