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Fred: "And since when did head hair conduct electricity?"
Craighyatt: "Human hair is non-conductive."

Uh, guys, Edison used hair for the filament in a series of his attempts at producing a commercial light bulb. OK, didn't work all that well, but it did work...

Still I agree, this thing does not seem right.
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NoNameNJ may have it.
I came close to this once, and yes, in Boston. The escalators (Tremont, MBTA) at the time only went down from the street to the platform, with adjoining stairs that can be used in either direction - except when the stairs are closed for repair...
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How about the new diet -
*Primal Diet*
Well-aged road kill?
"Ideally, it'll have been sitting around for three or four weeks and be really off. Some people like it when it's liquid mush but I prefer it really off, but still so you can stick a fork in it.”
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I did not know about that early video game, but I should have suspected. As a fledgling IT student in 1965 my class visited the Submarine Warfare computer center at the Naval War College in Newport, and they had a two-player sim pitting subs against each other and firing torpedoes. Fun game, even if it was actually very serious business - I think it was used to study various torpedo formats, among other things.
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If only one company is allowed, then the government should account for that in whatever taxes it gets.

OTOH, where I live... The city provides trash pickup. But not everyone uses it. My landlord contracts with a service that supplies the bins - and goes into the yard to get them, and then puts them back! Thank you! Next door has a similar deal with a different company. Across the street, the city pickup is used (so a variety of receptacles is used, as city does not provide them while requiring different bins for recycling - go figure). Three pickups a week can get noisy...
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Not going to add book[s] to this, but a note about Heinlein - he missed a sure bet when, while in hospital (in the late Thirties), he came up with the idea of the waterbed but didn't follow through.
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Way back when (the Betamax foo-for-raw) some suits claimed that not watching the ads was "stealing": queried further, one CBS exec admitted his stance meant that if you watched CBS you were "stealing" from NBC and ABC because you were not watching their advertisements.

Now, I don't mind static ads (picture with a link) and sometimes click on them. And animated GIF ads I can right-click to kill "loop" and then "rewind" if I want to hang onto the site (as a tabbed occurence).

I HATE FLASH ADS - these cannot be stopped/paused, and some use an amazing amount of CPU and video-card time. At least they seem to have changed the "default" option -- perhaps never implemented, but there in the right-click menu -- to turn on your webcam, if you have one.
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I learned in school that in response to -
“Ma! Ma! Where’s pa?”
his supporters would respond -
"Gone to the White House, ha ha ha!"
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"In fact, according to Catholic theology, Jesus’ mother, Mary, never had sexual intercourse and never bore a child other than the Messiah, so adelphoi couldn’t have been his brothers."

Not exactly. As a better-informed person noted above, the brothers mentioned in the Bible may have been step-brothers (or not) - but also note that "Immaculate Conception" doctrine does NOT mean Mary and Joseph never engaged in intercourse, even prior to said conception.

Doctrine can be odd like that. For example, you've undoubtedly heard that suicide is such a sin as to preclude burial in consecrated ground. The priest of your local parish has probably been taught this himself - or at least never been taught otherwise. But doctrinally, it is not - it is the "despair" leading to the suicide that is sinful, and going further, despair is defined as "having given up hope of being forgiven by God."
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In 1985 a consensus conference convened by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommended that men and women be considered “overweight” at BMIs of 27.8 and 27.3, respectively. In 1996 an NIH-sponsored review of the literature found that “increased mortality typically was not evident until well beyond a BMI level of 30.” Yet two years later [1998], the NIH yielded to a World Health Organization recommendation that “overweight” be defined downward to a BMI of 25, with 30 or more qualifying as “obese.”

And studies show that those with BMI of circa 28-35 live longer.

see especially blog
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"Never has been a $1 million bill."

Well, not exactly. The Treasury used to print a few million-dollar notes strictly for bank transfers, not useable for other purposes. The practice was discontinued some years ago - the last I heard of had Eisenhower`s picture...
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See also Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" where Lazarus Long makes a point by asking one of his assistants `What color is that house up the hill` to which she replies `This side appears to be white.`
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It has been noted elsewhere that this info is from a company that makes an older competing product, CO2 has itself been around for quite a while, and the FDA says it is not a problem after about 20 years of use.
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Oh, and in medicine - vast improvement on the water bed (trivia: Robert Heinlein designed what may have been the first while in hospital before being discharged).
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