11 "Modern" Technologies That Are Way Older Than You Think

Video games came out in 1972, when Pong debuted, right? Wrong! The first video game was played in 1948! It was called the Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device, which may explain why it didn't take off. Learn the story behind it and ten other hi-tech machines that have a long history behind them. Link

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@ drew northcott
Indeed, I was just about to say that!
Oh, and what about the safety lock & key? Invented in Mesopotamia, if I'm not mistaken...
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I did not know about that early video game, but I should have suspected. As a fledgling IT student in 1965 my class visited the Submarine Warfare computer center at the Naval War College in Newport, and they had a two-player sim pitting subs against each other and firing torpedoes. Fun game, even if it was actually very serious business - I think it was used to study various torpedo formats, among other things.
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"11 "Modern" Technologies That Are Way Older Than You Think"

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