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Okay the story is not that he looks like the terminator - but that he looks like he's been dead for several days or is perhaps the ghost of Christmas past.
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@Tony LaRocca:

You have another choice in that situation: power through it and go back to sleep. I can do this with any alarm clock I've tried, and after three or so days it doesn't even wake me up anymore.
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Wow - I'm not in the majority. I don't usually hit the snooze button, I just sleep through the alarm for 3 hours (no, I'm not joking or exaggerating).
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A small part of me hopes that this DOES catch on, if for no other reason than I'm freaking tall and shirts aren't usually long enough. This could supplement and pick up where short shirts leave off!
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Good! They should have taken her license away, too! Driving 10MPH on the freeway is not only dangerous, but incredibly stupid and annoying. I would sit behind that lady and hold my horn down for ten minutes before driving my car right over hers.
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