PETA's Anti-KFC Tombstone Prank

PETA had placed a tombstone in the Louisville cemetery in which the founder of KFC was buried. It turns out that the gravemarker, which was approved by the cemetery, contained a hidden message:

At first glance, the tombstone looks like any other grave marker. But a closer look at the epitaph reveals a deeper meaning.

A seemingly innocuous poem is inscribed on the headstone, but, when read vertically, the first letter of each line spells out "KFC Tortures Birds."

"We sent our design to the cemetery ahead of time, or rather, the monument company did, and it was approved in advance," said PETA representative Lindsay Rajt.

KFC has this to say about the whole thing:

In a statement, KFC said, "People will see this for what it is, a disgustingly disrespectful way to disgrace the resting place of the departed… They have crossed the line once again and continue to misrepresent KFC's industry-leading animal welfare guidelines."

Maybe PETA should change their name to Pranksters for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Link

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Would I eat my pet? No
Would I eat a chicken? Heck yeah!
Why? One word, TASTY
What about the torture? I didn't say I approved of mutilation. I do hate chickens though. And you're helping.
Do I care about my pet? Of course, he's family.
Why don't you care about KFC chickens? One, I HATE those lil things, and two, I don't know that bird!

PETA! Do you love animals?!
Then why do you kill them so often? Isn't that...something you just asked me NOT TO DO?! If you would replace the cats and dogs with chickens, it's a big waste! I'd rather eat a chicken than kill it and throw it into a pile.
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ha! i fuckin love peta! thats the best idea ever.
would you eat your pet?
then why would you eat a chicken?
do you care about your pet?
then why don't you care about kfc chickens?
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@Morten: According to paperworks filed by PETA to the State of Virginia, they euthanize 97% of dogs and cats and other animals they took into their shelters. In 2006, they managed to place only 12 animals into adoption.

Link (this is an official state document, not put out by any industry front group)
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.) is a website created in July 2004 by the food and beverage industry front group, the Center for Consumer Freedom. So much for credibility - hope you showed your "animal activist friends" that piece of info too...
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