Classroom Outbursts Captured on Camera Phone

Scott McLeod of Dangerously Irrelevant blog wrote to us about his post, titled "Out of Control K-12 Classrooms," secretly (or not so-secretly) taped by student cell phone cameras.

Scott asks:

Do we want students bringing to public attention these types of classroom incidents? Should students be punished or applauded for filming and posting these?

Link - Thanks Scott!

//In the first clip on the post, I can't help but actually symphatize with the teacher. The YouTube clip was titled "Classroom Hot Head," but I think the teacher handled the situation very well. Seems like kids today have very little respect for their teachers.

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You'd probably find a few Canadians that would agree with you on that point, Adam.

So far, your put-downs have been pretty lame and immature. You're hardly even trying.

Anyway, try to keep on topic next time...
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Adam Stanhope, I didn't see much humour in your attack on Canadians. I knew you meant it to be funny, but it was humour where you put down a group of people for no reason. In that vein, I suppose people who don't laugh at racist, homophobic, or sexist jokes are simply uptight and lacking in humour.

My "Some Canadian girl kick your ass once?" was an appropriate humorous response, rather than simply pointing out how hateful and bitter your statement sounded.

Sorry if you didn't get it.
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I remember my fourth grade teacher, Ms. Eva, who was a young and idealistic teacher at the time. She used to take a little time out to challenge us to a "trivia contest" - each "column" of seats was a team, and we all get to answer a question.

The topic ranged from biology to geography to whatever - it was the most interesting time I had in a classroom. We actually paid attention to whatever it was she was teaching so we would have time leftover for the trivia game (and so we'll know the answer to the question, of course).

Then the school cracked down on her, and made her stop - so I can see monkey_town's point: school system don't like iconoclasts. They only see one way of doing things: their way, whether it's right or wrong.
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