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when i enter german text i still get a valid result. a short german sentence resulted in tolstoi - i always thought him to be a russian... :O

i call shenanigans
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well, i got my shifting handles + brakes stolen from my high-class bike some years ago, cost about €250 to replace the parts. if they want your stuff, they get it.
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great feature. despite having eaten very well at lunch i am very hungry now!
i followed up with some reading and bought myself a 450° mini-oven for pizza (85€), hope it will be worth it!
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hmm, Aeroflot inland flight. The plane was looking like a refurbished cargo plane with camping seats.
Starting at 4.30 in the night was not helping either.
Their international flights were quite good though.
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If the tip is declared as mandatory it is part of the bill. Don't eat there if you don't like it.

For me as an European/German it would be very unusual to find this, although i have seen similar in Italy.
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