The World's Ten Weirdest Pets

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See what can happen when you have a bobcat for a pet? I've been lacerated by domestic cats enough to know that I don't want to fight a wildcat over dinner. And this one is just a cub! People take in pets stranger than bobcats, however: read the stories of people who keep hippos, tigers, alligators, zebras, and more in The World's Ten Weirdest Pets. Link

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Not to mention posting things like this on a blog only encourages this, potentially endangering more animals. Please think before you post - this is not neat or informative and should not get anyone's support.
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@LisaL and others:
These "unconventional pets" should not be considered pets at all - not only is it dangerous, stupid, and unethical, it's also very illegal in most parts of the world. And videos about these "pets" just give more idiots ideas that jeopardize the lives of many animals. Anyone who owns "unconventional pets" ARE idiots. There is no such thing as a good person that illegally attempts to domesticate a wild animal. People like this should be euthanized.
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Cute kitty, but not meant for the house, and certainly not meant to living with this guy. He clearly knows/cares very little of cats. At risk of sounding abrasively cynical... I wonder how long it will be until that other cat of theirs is either dominated to death or eaten by the bobcat. Sounds like they have a small child too. This cannot end
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...but sadly,they most likely will once young Sam drops the minerals-Maybe they'll post a follow-up video showing off their injuries, and their brand new "DUMBASS" tattoos!
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