School Lunch Blogger Stopped by Authorities

Martha Payne, the 9-year-old blogger in Scotland who went viral documenting her school lunches for two months has been shut down by the local council. The blog had caused visible improvement in the quality of the local school lunches, and had raised £2,000 for a food charity. But Martha was called out of class yesterday and told she could no longer take photographs in school because of a newspaper article. Martha protested that she doesn't write newspaper articles. Her father made an inquiry, as the school had supported Martha's efforts, and found that the new rule came not from the school, but from the Argyll and Bute council. No explanation was given for the council's decision. Link -via Wired

Update: Today, the council at least temporarily reversed its decision, and placed the blame on the newspaper. Link -Thanks, Walaka!

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Good for her! I'n an elementary school teacher, and was appalled when a student showed me the school- provided lunch was a tube of "Gogurt' (a tube of sugar-filled yogurt) and a large soft pretzel. They had the option of taking a piece of fruit.That's it. Oh, and of course chocolate milk. Carbs and sugar and processed crap are pumped into our kids and they then wonder why they are obese and don't perform well. Sad to see in ways it's a global issue in schools. Sadly, that meal above looks 10 times better then the crap in U.S. schools.
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Here's the link to Argyll-and-Bute's backing-off statement:

Reads to me like Martha was caught in an overreaction to a local newspaper article.
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so. reading that.. "we will allow it as long as it doesn't make us look bad, like a newspaper ad about the blog did?

Am I reading the bureaucraticese right?
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