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happines is a state of mind.
U cant buy or be told to do it because it just comes to u
but people are very good at being unhappy so it dosn't last.

O this is intresting go google it:
the hierarchy of human needs
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YEAH thats what i ment their all corrupt the only exception is that in the U.S, poeple r So postto hold their presidents responsible if they do something wrong yet they dont :/

I could go on but im at work so blaahhhhhhh...........
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wow first i heard the drug dealers where sending their stuff to other places becouse of the falling dallar now this!

man this country is so fu**

Polx is right
all of you are blaiming the victim and the ones who think that they have it made cuz their white or have a high income(stockholm syndrome) are going to get a big suprise when they get halled of to consentration camps(o that could never happen-Umm yeah it has ww2 anyone)

I could go on but why bother...........sigh
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the question is what did the homeowners think?
U know the poeple who's house was being robed
did anybody ask them what was their opinion on the matter......i havnt heard anything

well i did here on of the homeowners say "their just things"

from waht i remeber they where on vacation and in no harm
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