The Price of Food: 2007 vs. 2008

This is from the Cattle Network, so the prices are wholesale for farmers. But the real story is the change from a year ago. The post also has prices for livestock, fruits, and vegetables. Lemons are up 155%! Looks like we will be eating fewer lentils and lemons and more tangerines and bacon. Bacon? Yes, bacon is the only meat that has decreased in price! Mmm... bacon. -via reddit

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With regards to the vegan/vegetarian diets being cheaper... it totally depends on where you live. I agree that lately it's been more expensive than usual to buy veggies. I live in Vancouver, BC. In the past I could get a weeks worth of veggies for under $20. Much cheaper than buying expensive meat and cheese. When I visited family in Columbus over Christmas I could not beleive the price of vegetables. We are very lucking in the west.
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yea i'm vegetarian (but not strictly.. i still eat laura's lean beef and organic chicken), but it's definitely a more expensive diet. produce is more expensive than meat and has been, especially now that we're using a lot of it as fuel in our gas guzzlers. that's why i thought many people were NOT vegetarian, because it was cheaper.

yunno, i'm really glad everyone is sharing good information on this post and not just arguing semantics. it gives me hope that we can unite further and make something good out of this national/global crisis. thanks everyone for being good...
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