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Hey guys just a though……since we already know what is going to happen you know first comes this than comes that. Why don’t we just do the opposite I mean are we really that dumb or are some people just smarter than us and are manipulating things a cretin way?
Or we could just you know do thing out of order just to piss god off, because he did his plan and yeah sure we don’t know the date but he gave us some clues of when it was coming, so all im saying is if you can avoid a traffic jam using GPS why wont you?

Just my 2 cents
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if you read the whole article this is what it says in the end:
Jesus weeps for New Bedford," he said. "He can heal addictions, broken relationships and poverty. I broke every one of the Ten Commandments. Jesus can fix what's wrong with us."

ha! ha! ha! isnt the XI commanandment "thou shalt not kill"

What i want to know is who did he kill?
and how did he get away with it?

peace&love - JC
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