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I agree with Ivory, that's what everyone else does. They would both get a good night sleep. But no, to get dad of the week you have to halfway fail.
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Yes, he's a wuss, but just for fun... what if he didn't have a part-time job so he had time to do all his own chores. That's like going to work and spending all your money on a babysitter, when you could just stay home, and it'd be BETTER.
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There are government programs that help pay for displaced fisherman to go back to school. Plus the U.S. fisheries are so heavily regulated that fish populations are stable. We even work with other countries, for instance, the U.S. will temporarily suspend fishing to assure Canada they will catch their quota.
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My dad had an orchard and he's found a few of these apples. If you know what branch it came from then you could, in theory, graft it onto other trees to make lots of multi-colored apples.
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It's a ratfish (chimaera) not a shark. Those things will poke you too and they have venomous spines. Knew a guy who had a spine go through his boot. Turns your skin black for a week or two.
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I couldn't believe how many people do not know that the blue whale is the largest animal ever. After trying to convince a roommate by talking with other people, nobody knew!! wtcrap!
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One good friend of our family had to save his neighborhood from a pack of stray dogs that were attacking children. Now I love dogs, but I think some people love other people more than dangerous, possibly rabid, dogs. This situation is a bit different and I can relate with both sides, but most people don't have this perspective and just think that evil people are hunting innocent puppies.
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What's sad is that there is a group of people out there who in all their gloriousness, nominated a stick. I feel sorry for the mom's they still live with. ;)

I agree with Mike, haha.
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