Texas Town Shoots Stray Dogs

If you're a dog, beware of a tiny Texas town of Ferris, about 20 miles south of Dallas. Oh, stray dogs are rounded up by animal control officers all over the US, but in Ferris, Texas, they shoot 'em:

The rural North Texas town of Ferris — about 20 miles south of Dallas — has approved a policy that allows authorities to shoot “wild” roaming dogs.

Ferris City Manager David Chavez said the Ellis County town approved the policy because it was becoming a dumping ground for unwanted pets. People drive out to the country to release pets they no longer want, but the starving animals breed, form packs and wind up scavenging for food, he said.

Ferris Police Chief Frank Mooney said the city would shoot only “potentially violent dogs,” and only as a last resort — after attempts to humanely capture the animal had failed.

Link - via Muttskis

(The photo is from the iconic January 1973 cover of National Lampoon humor magazine, and yes, it's not neat but isn't it remarkable?)

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We have lived in Texas, for a year and a half.
You people are rude on the road, You can pull out of church and run cars off the road.
Now to hear this, I think you are white trash, Hillbillies. Got a GUN SHOOT anything that moves.
All you people do is drink beer and kill.
But then you got to go to church on Sunday...
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Thanks Idil for the vote of confidence.

Peoples ignorance and cruelty will be the ruin of society. If something inconveniences us or we dont understand it "by God go get a gun and kill it". If these dogs are attacking people I sure havent heard about it and I live 30 minutes from Ferris. There is a lady that goes out there twice a week and puts dog food down and they come a running for it and havent attacked her yet. She goes to my church and that is how I found out about this tragedy. I plan on helping her now. I wish I had the right to shoot every human that acted ferral.... now wouldnt that be alot of ammunition to go through.
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Although it has been so many centuries that dogs have been in the streets in Turkey that I wouldn't consider them domesticated anymore. I'm not sure if it would make a difference. I think it's worse for the domesticated ones, they can't fend for themselves.
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I completely agree with Pamie, this is ridiculous!

Plus, the dogs are not dangerous! We have wild dogs roaming around streets in Turkey that have been born and raised on the streets, and they live peacefully with us. We give them leftovers and they eat it, and some people set out water, but otherwise we leave them alone and they leave us alone.
Some authorities collect them and give them rabies shots and then set them back out into the streets again, with a tag to ensure they have shots. (which is sad, but better than vaccinating them twice by accident). Same with the wild cats. They live with us and give our cities and towns life.

But this...this is horrible!
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I have six dogs myself. I rescue dogs and I volunteer to try to find dogs good homes. The problem is not the dogs but the irresponsible people that cruely leave these animals to become ferral, they have no choice. You would become ferral to if you were thrown in the wild all the sudden and had to fight for food. Animals of all kinds suffer because of our ignorance and selfishness. People, dont get a pet if you cant treat it like a child or a close member of your family. That is what they are. They have feelings and souls just like us. We shoot them because they cause a problem for us????? I think its the other way around, we cause a problem for them.
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