Stick Inducted into Toy Hall of Fame

An article from The Onion or a protest about the economy? Neither. The National Toy Hall of Fame has chosen the stick as an inductee.
The lowly stick, a universal plaything powered by a child's imagination, has landed in the National Toy Hall of Fame along with Baby Doll and the skateboard.

The trio was chosen Thursday to join the Strong National Museum's all-star lineup. Previous inductees range from the bicycle and Mr. Potato Head to Crayola crayons and the cardboard box.

Curators at the Rochester museum say the stick is a special addition. They praised its all-purpose, all-natural, no-cost qualities and its ability to serve either as raw material or an appendage transformed by imaginations into something else.

Link -Thanks, Sid Morrison!

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I've been to this play, the Toy Hall of Fame inside the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. You can get lost in the aisles and aisles of glass cases with all the toy inductees.

Its good to know there's a stick in there now, because getting stuck in the doll section is REALLY creepy. I may need a way to defend myself.
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I told my kid that if he doesn't keep his nose clean, there will be no stick for him this Christmas.

My friend's three kids have been behaving themselves, so he's considering getting them rock, scissors, and paper.

Yuk, yuk, yuk...

The funny thing is that the Strong Museum recently recently put in some very major expansions and financed them partly by selling antiques from their long-held collection ... standard museum pieces that no longer fit in with their modern re-alignment to a "Museum of Play" image. To this end, they hired "experts" to appraise the items that were being offered for sale. Well, it turns out some of the "experts" they hired weren't all that hot and some REALLY valuable items sold for pennies on the dollar. So, if you knew your antique vases, you could get a $1.5 million vase for $20K. Needless to say, when this all came to light, there was a lot of embarrassment.

And now they have exhibits of sticks.
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What's sad is that there is a group of people out there who in all their gloriousness, nominated a stick. I feel sorry for the mom's they still live with. ;)

I agree with Mike, haha.
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