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It started good then fell off quick. I didn't know it was still on. I like everyone except Chevy Chase. I don't know if I just don't get his brand of comdey but I've always found him more annoying than funny.

Call me if they ever cancel Jeoparody
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Ok, must read article because headline is misleading.

I came in with the same intention of talking about wild turkeys because there are probably millions of them all around the country.
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Yeah, well its the least of my problems. I thought there might be a little humor in missing something like crappy fast food while hitting rock bottom. If you want the entirety of my story it is sad but nobody comes here for that so forget I typed anything.
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I'm poor. Pretty much all I eat is beans, rice, potatoes, noodles and pancakes. Anything that I can make a lot of for the least money.

Eating at restaurants, even fast food, is just too expensive when you seriously have to budget your money. I've been craving Mcdonalds for months. Of course, five months ago when I actually had some money I was eating fast food way too much. I miss hamburgers :(
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Around here ticket prices are still under $10 so I would have to see at least six films to get my money's worth. I like the idea but the price is too high. I think theaters would make more money on this ticket model because most people just won't go to enough movies to make up the price of the pass. Maybe if they throw in a soda with every movie it would be a better deal.

Convenience of at home viewing aside, films are not shot to be watched at home. The cinematic apparatus is a big part of the viewing experience that cannot be replicated sitting in your living room. Unless you have an actual home theatre you will be missing part of the experience of watching a film.
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