An American Vacationing in Libya

Chris Jeon is a 21-year-old college student from Los Angeles. On a whim, he decided to go on vacation by himself -to Libya.
“I just go and see what happens,” he said. “At spring break I told my friends a 'sick' vacation would be to come here and fight with the rebels.”

He spent $800 on a one-way ticket from L.A. to Cairo, then traveled by land across the border into Libya, where he has now been for nearly two weeks. His parents do not know he is here. He speaks no Arabic, and has been staying with fighters and families in the area.

“I haven’t spent a dollar in weeks,” he says, because the people of Libya have extended such hospitality.

Jeon plans to be back in L.A. before school starts later this month. Link -via The Daily What

(Image credit: Kristen Chick)

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This guy is smart! He knows statistics, and so knows there's no real danger in doing what he's doing! Also has the wisdom to value unique life experiences!

Anyone who thinks this guy is crazy needs to frankly become more familiar with the situation or examine their judgement processes, with all due respect! :)
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A lot of people (US citizens) and otherwise joined in the Spanish civil war because they cared, lots more joined in because it was the cool thing to do. They were no different to that guy. The difference then was that there was no internet for sad dweebs to sit behind their keyboards and whine at them.
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Strange cat. The people who are putting him up are indeed hospitable. The rational thing would have been to say, get your dumb self back to California, this isn't a joke fool.
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