Have You Seen This Show?

Ever since NBC announced that Community would be put on a temporary (read:possibly permanent) hiatus, fans have been rallying behind the show. Here's my personal favorite effort to bring support to the show.

What do you guys think about the show? Are you upset about the hiatus?

Link Via Buzzfeed

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Saw a few episodes and liked it enough, but never enough to dedicate 22 whole minutes of my life to it every week.

Notice a trend? Folks liked early shows but not later shows -- same story as The Office. The UK version of The Office ran for 12 episodes then done; the US version redid most elements from those shows to great fanfare, then it turned into The Jim And Pam Show and people stopped caring.

Maybe we should just get used to ten to twenty good shows from any idea before it's same old boredom and hey, stop while you're ahead?
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Meh. Sampled it when it started, didn't care for it. But I sympathize with those who like it, since I've seen programs I really like canceled too. The ratings system based on profit and loss is flawed. Any ideas on how to fix it?
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My husband and I love the show :)
No, not ALL episodes are awesome, but we still enjoy it.
I couldn't believe NBC was shelving it when I read the news.
All of the CRAP out there and they want to take off one of the best shows? UUUUUUUGH.
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