Resumes Way Better Than Your Bullet-Pointed One

Until very recently, I was guilty of a boring, bullet-pointed resume too (I realize that's cool in some industries, but a creative job should call for a creative resume, right?). That being said, mine still doesn't look as good as graphic designer Katie Briggs'. "I haven't been turned down for anything I've applied for with this resume," she said.

Katie's is just one of seven CVs Mashable has rounded up from innovative readers. If you need a little inspiration to give your resume a visual boost, check out the other six.


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maybe "negative jerk" is better than "overly optimistic douchebag".

I'm sure this kind of resume are curious and fun to see for the casual viewer, but keep well in your mind that a professional recruiter, or a company HR, sees this kind of bullshit multiple time on a daily basis.

This is not what we want, not what we need, not what we look for.

Best case, we will give you at most 10 minutes: the time needed to choose a business category, add your formatted resume to our text-searchable database and click a few links of offere you may be interested into.

Worst case (the usual one for infographic resumes), we just delete your entry and sometimes ask for a real resume.

We are not asking for your portfolio. We need your info. We will check your skills and works later on.

Please, note that I was Senior of the Graphic, Media & Architecture business dept in a world class recruitment agency.
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I don't understand why everyone is hating! Constructive criticism is great but making comments just to be hurtful shows the kind of person you really are. This resume is a great start and obviously will evolve as she gains more experience. And if anyone actually read the article it says she's a graphic designer so obviously her resume is going to be different from those who are in science or business professions. Those who leave negative comments are not earning anyone's respect, they just look like negative jerks.
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Words of wisdom right here; Your chances of standing out are actually way lower than the chances of being spotted as a douche.

Keep that in mind as you journey through life or as you are having one of ten interlocking puzzle pieces tattooed to your abdomen.
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I worked in a recruiting agency in France until 2 years ago. We received many "standard" resumes, up to 500 a day. Then we got mailed a bunch of "weird" resumes, that's like 50 per day.
"Weird" meant badly formatted, video discs, infographics (like this one), printed on cardboard, oversize posters, huge books of images and such.

I had to interview a few dozens of those people, and a "weird" resume inevitably was followed by a confused girl -or, less often, kid-, dreaming of her first job in the flamboyant world of media business (as lead art director or creative guru, of course), lacking any practical skill needed in the real world.

Lesson 1) We see a damn lot of "weird" resumes. Keep that firmly in your mind.

Lesson 2)Your chances of standing out are actually way lower than the chances of being spotted as a douche.

Lesson 3) The most common way your resume will "stand out" is by giving away that you are a freshman in the business.
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