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So they gambled with an incredible gift they received and lost. BIG DEAL. With the house paid off they could have done anything and been living comfortable, but instead they tried to start a business and failed. Maybe Extreme Makeover Home Edition should teach people the value of what they have over the possibility of what they *could* have. Remember folks, if you can't afford it, don't buy it.
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If I still smoked pot, this study would do absolutely nothing to deter me from continuing to smoke marijuana.

Marijuana is for sissies anyways, all the real hard core druggies do leech (affixing leeches to the eyeball)
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I got tripped up on The Lion King....but then, the quiz DID say, "These Movies have not had theatrical releases"... since the rest of The Lion King trilogy were direct to video...
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This was posted as a joke, right? Or some sort of commentary on the dumbass arguments religious fundamentalists come up with?

Realistically a banana looks and tastes the way it does due to the diligent cultivation of native peoples.

Ever see what a banana looked like BEFORE mankind had intervened?

So, all this video really says to me is either "We can't think of a compelling argument to believe in our god to save our life so we are going to spread pseudo-science and wrong information to cow the dumb masses" or "Man is the new God."
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Update the ride, yes. It's been around since before my father was born, but making it more "Go America", what the hell? We don't need to be told we're great, we just know.

And as for adding in other disney characters, that's just appalling.
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11. Edison was a complete bastard who would regularly steal inventions, refuse to pay his employees and contractors, and some say he was in league with Satan himself.
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I envision a world where the more sane christians band together with the rest of us to shun and ridicule the fundies into oblivion.

I mean, come on, that stuff is embarrassing. Take care of your own people and make sure they're not gonna run their fool-mouths all of the time.
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