Trivia: Americans Are Getting Bustier ...

Americans are getting bustier: In the 1970's the average bra size was 34B. Now it's 36C ... and climbing!

Some statistics say that up to 85% of American women are wearing the wrong bra size. Indeed, Oprah Winfrey once did a "bra intervention" and got so excited she said: "I'm so excited. Whoo, whoo. Whoo, whoo. Whoo!" (Source)

Thanks to Bette Midler, we all know that the brassiere was invented by Otto Titsling. (YouTube)

Oprah's favorite bra is the Le Mystere Tisha Bra #955 (Source). But that's just a creepy trivia, so let's stop there before it gets any weirder.

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I'm glad to see I'm not the only girl here with (naturally) big ones! Girls with breasts larger than a DD understand how hard it is to find supportive bras that are not scary looking. I have noticed, however, that bra sizes over DD seem to have inconsistent sizing. At my last fitting I bought a 32DDD, a 34E, and a 32FF, all different brands.

I found a fantastic bra store in Austin recently called Petticoat Fair, and I recommend it to anyone who suspects they might not be wearing the right size bra. I feel so much better now that I'm not busing out of the largest cup size Victoria's Secret sells.

Petticoat Fair, and other specialty bra shops, will fit you with a bra that suits you. They cost more, but I think it's well worth the investment to be comfortable in a garment you wear every day.
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Before we rush to blame hormones in food it should be noted that the above linked study has this conclusion:

"Studies done so far do not provide evidence to state that hormone residues in meat or dairy products cause any human health effects. However, a conclusion on lack of human health effect can only be made after large-scale studies compare the health of people who eat meat or dairy products from hormone-treated animals, to people who eat a similar diet, but from untreated animals."

So, as yet, any link between breast size (or any other phsiological phenomona) in humans and hormones present in food is supposition. There is no decent evidence.

However, despite the obviously harrowing experiences of those with huge boobs, I can't help but welcome this trend with open arms. Even if I can't link my hands around the back of it. :D
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oh it's not just in the chicken, jimbo. christophe posted this before, but it's worth reposting. go check this article out:

there are many contributing factors as to why our breasts are getting bigger, as mentioned by everyone else. 66% of adults are obese and women are more likely to fit that statistic than men. growth hormones are used in our every-day meat/dairy/egg/poultry supply, and assuming those ingredients are used in commercially processed food, growth hormones are present in those as well. yet another reason not to trust the FDA. we're hitting puberty at younger ages, allowing our bodies longer time to develop, therefore larger extremities. ALL clothing standards are changing as our population is growing both by number and mass. my boyfriend has been buying the same brand and size of undershirt for years. now all of a sudden, this same shirt is almost two sizes larger than before. it droops below his waist, hangs off his shoulders, and doesn't allow for a form-fitting appearance when worn under his regular shirt. it's ridiculous. the only way to combat these issues is to become fully aware and educated that even though our government agencies are supposed to be looking out for us, they're hurting us over time and not telling the truth. and, just because they're "taking care of us" doesn't mean we can trust their every move. this is not an anarchist statement, it's just proving that even government officials act like human beings: selfish, secretive, and money-hungry.
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